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Mar 20, 2015 (republished from the webzine I worked for at that time) 

1.Hello Matthias, I’m glad you accepted my invitation to answer some questions.Why „Harakiri for the sky”? Was it your idea or JJ’s?
As JJ is in charge of the lyrical concept, the idea for the name was his. He tried to describe a certain feeling that occurs to him in some intense situations, but everyone can interpret it into what he wants.

2.You are a young band, a ‘new wave’ one. The band was formed in December 2011 by you. How come?
I simply looked for a way to channel my creativity without the genre limitations of my other bands, so I simply wrote and recorded some songs. I showed it to JJ and asked him if he wants to write lyrics to it and do the vocals and that’s pretty much it.

3.Is it hard to find musicians to play in your live shows, considering that there are only two of you in the band?
Actually, no, it was not. The live members are all friends of mine and we harmonize perfectly as a team on stage.

4.Why only 2 members in the band? Why have live musicians and in the studio it’s just the two of you? Is it personal and sentimental?

cause we cant play everything live with 2 people, i dont have 8 arms. (haha)

5.(haha) Yeah, but why don’t you have a stable line-up with the live members in it?

Because the band was started and works as a matter of fact with us 2 and the other guys are only involved in live activities.

6.Your new album named Aokigahara was released in 2014 by ART OF PROPAGANDA RECORDS which contains guest vocals from other black metal bands like for example Torsten from Agrypnie, Eklatanz from Heretoir and many others. How was the tour with Agrypnie in Europe? How were you received by the public? Give me details.

It was great. The Agrypnie guys are good friends by now and we enjoyed every day of the tour. It was an overall good experience. Regarding the audience it was a success too, definitely a step forward.

7.It is true; you are more popular in the West than the East. In August you will play in Romania for the first time at the Rockstadt Extreme Fest. Where will you have your next gig after that?

Next already confirmed gig after Rockstadt will be the Metal Embrace Festival in Germany followed by a tour in October and November.

8. What do you know about our country? 

I heard Ceausescu left some pretty big buildings behind.No, jokes aside, we are really looking forward to visiting Romania. From what I’ve heard, there are beautiful landscapes and lots to see.

9.(Haha) Yes, we have a beautiful country and we are happy and eager to have you among us. What about future plans? What’s next? How do you see yourself in a few years? Making music?

Stopping to make music is never an option.

10.True, if you really are in love with what you do, but nowadays it’s kind of hard to earn money by making music. Am I right?

It’s almost impossible.Maybe a handful of big bands can do that.

11.Last weekend you performed at END OF LIFE FESTIVAL V. How was it?

Was great, Torsten and Martin of Agrypnie came to visit us and we also partied with our friends of Fäulnis, the venue was full also.

12.What a great collaboration with Torsten on the song “Burning Both Ends”. It is one of my favourite ones. How come you invited him to play with you?

We just talked and then decided to do a song together, simple as that.

13.Great decision. Thank you for your time. I really enjoyed talking to you. I wish you all the best! See you in summer at Rasnov !

Thank you for the interview and hope to see you in Romania later this year.